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The Revolution Academy is one of the most innovative youth training programs in Major League Soccer, recognized by US Soccer as one of the top 10 youth development programs in the country. The Revolution Academy trains players of all abilities in all aspect of the game, including ball mastery, speed of play, coordination and balance and movement with and without the ball. 
The objective of all the training programs is to replicate the speed, tempo and environment of the Revolution Youth Teams’ training sessions. Through age-appropriate player development sessions, we foster an atmosphere that is competitive, challenging, demanding and fun. Encouragement and support from our professional coaching allows every player to gain a better understanding of – and continued passion for – the game. Click below for details and registration links.

Program Overview

2017 Revs Kickers Registration

2017 Revs Camp Registration

2017 Revs Mini Academy Registration

2017 Speed and Finishing Registration

Space is Extremely LIMITED.

For more information contact training@ewgsoccer.org

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