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Hello EWG Refs… We have NEW online system to help us assign referees to games for our RECREATIONAL league. If you are NEW to our league, Contact Kathy Dowling: refereecoord@ewgsoccer.org, She will enter you into our online system. You will receive an email generated from the system assignr.com (outbound@assignr.com). Once you receive this email (check you junk mail folders if you don’t see it), you will follow the instructions to create your account and enter your info, so we may begin assigning games to you.   Received you email and Ready to start?  1. Click blue link in your email to be taken to the assignor website (be sure to mark it as a favorite, you will be coming here to accept or decline games). 
2. You will see the system has given you a user name (you can change it later) and is asking you to create a password… enter a matching password and then click the “Update my password and log me in” button.
3. Read thru the user agreement and scroll to the bottom to accept.
4. You will then be taken to your account page. There are tabs across the top that allow you to make changes to your profile (change/add user name and password, email, cell phone number, add a photo etc…), enter your availability, read any messages or announcements and see any assigned games… 5. First, click on profile and then click on the link at the bottom that says “EDIT” and enter/change the requested profile info and click on the “Update Person” button at the bottom when you are done. 6. Now go back to the top and click the “Availability” tab. If you are available ALL DAY on any date, you will click the “ALLOW” button on that date. HOWEVER, if you have a game that day, or are only available during a certain time period, you will use the “Create a New date” section at the bottom of the page:.  
7. Enter the date, and click on the drop down menu for “time”. Click on “OTHER” to enter a start time and end time. Example: If you are available all day except during your game at 11:00am on 4/26, you will enter the date of 04/26/2017 and click “other” time and enter starting 9:00am ending 11:00am, then do it again, entering the date of 04/26/2017 and starting 12:00pm ending 2:00pm. This will allow you to be assigned for games at all times before and after your own game. (You will eventually do this for each Saturday during a season, and can go in and change it for future dates anytime your plans change.) 8. Now… That’s all we need you to do on the site for now! Once you are done, you can log out (don’t forget to bookmark the page and write down your user name and password). 9. If you have questions, Please send an email to refereecoord@ewgsoccer.org. 10. You will start to receive emails from the site, asking you to accept/decline games. Please follow the directions and email if you have any questions or concerns. You will only have a short window of time to accept or decline before the game is taken away and assigned to someone else.
11. Make sure to log back in and change your availability as your schedule changes.



If you are interested in refereeing for Exeter-West Greenwich Youth Soccer but are not yet certified as a USSF Soccer Referee, please visit the RI State Referee Website.

You will need to register as a referee on the RISCR website and THEN enroll in a class.

When searching for a clinic to attend, you are looking for the New Grade 9 Referee class


Once you have attended the Certification Clinic and passed the test you will need to contact Kathy Dowling, refereecoord@ewgsoccer.org, to get placed on
the email and mail distribution lists. That will ensure that you receive vital information about upcoming referee events as well as be updated on the process for getting assignments, officiating matches, etc.


You will also need to obtain an official US Soccer Referee uniform and equipment: Your appearance as a referee sends a message to players, coaches, spectators and your fellow referees. That first impression is vital. If you expect to command respect you must look and act professional! Click to view what is required


There are different grades of referee that you can become certified at. The basic and their requirements are listed below:

Grade 9 - Grade 9 qualification is the entry level grade for referees 12-15. A Grade 9 referees are authorized to work any recreational or small-sided youth game, either as Referee or as AR.  This includes Super Liga U12 and below, as well as recreational games in any age bracket. After a year of refereeing a Grade 9 referee can take an up-grade 8 class to advance to the next level. 


Grade 8 – is also a beginner but with a little more soccer experience and a little more maturity. A Grade 8 referee can do most any type of game, recreational, travel or adult, depending on their ability and desire. Grade 8 qualification is the entry level grade for referees 16+ (or younger with one year of grade 9 experience) intending to referee ‘competitive’
Super Liga matches. Additionally, a Grade 8 qualification allows for referees to also officiate at the ‘Recreational’ level where games often only involve one center official. Training= 10 hours online training US Soccer and grade 8 class. 80% grade 8 test. Recertification=4 hours on field or classroom. 80% on recertification exam.


Upgrade from Grade 9 to Grade 8 - For Grade 9 “blue
badge” Recreational Referees, upgrading to Grade 8 “black badge” Referee will open the door to competitive youth assignments at the U14 level and higher. There are two ways to upgrade from Grade 9 to Grade 8, and both options
are equivalent in terms of cost and time:

Bridge Clinic (Preferred):
Grade 9 Referee should recertify in the fall at an on-field recertification clinic, and attend a Grade 8 “Bridge” class, which is typically offered in the spring. This is the best option, and the training will be appropriate for a referee that already has some on-field experience. 

As an alternate option, Grade 9 referees may complete the Grade 8 New Referee training course, which includes 2 hours of online training and 6 hours of classroom training.




If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact Kathy Dowling: refereecoord@ewgsoccer.org

EWG Referees