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Beginning Aug. 1, 2017, US Youth Soccer will be using the following birth-year to determine Age Levels.  The following Age Levels will be used for the 2017/2018 Competitive and Recreational Seasons.  
Birth Year 2000 = U18
Birth year 2001 = U17
Birth year 2002 = U16
Birth year 2003 = U15
Birth year 2004 = U14
Birth year 2005 = U13
Birth year 2006 = U12
Birth year 2007 = U11
Birth year 2008 = U10
Birth year 2009 = U09
Birth year 2010 = U08
Birth year 2011 = U07
Birth year 2012 = U06
Birth year 2013 = U05
Birth year 2014 = U04 

​​EWG DEVELOPMENTAL & Competitive Soccer

Ages: 6-19
Our developmental/ competitive program fields both boys and girls teams in all age groups from under 8 to under 19. These teams play teams from other associations around the region in both league play and tournaments.  Players in the U14 and below age groups must tryout.  The dates will be posted both at the field and on the web at least three weeks prior to tryouts.  During the tryouts, players rotate through a number of stations and are evaluated on criteria such as speed, ball control, shooting, etc.  Based on these ratings, the coach selects enough players to fill the team roster.  For a full description of this process along with the other rules governing the Strikers program please see our competitive rules & regulations. NOTE: Roster sizes will be larger in 2017-2018, due to changes mandated by US Soccer. U9/U10 will play 7v7, U11/U12 will play 9v9. The competitive season is held in parallel with the spring rec season but is administered by the state league - the RI Youth Super Liga. The Super Liga sets the schedules for matches that are held throughout the state and are typically played on either Saturdays or Sundays.  Rescheduled matches may also be held on weekday evenings but generally the coach will ensure that most everyone is available before committing to this.  Half of the matches will be away and could be anywhere from Woonsocket to Westerly.  The parent and/or player is responsible for transportation to and from these matches. Finally, some coaches also choose to enter their teams in indoor soccer leagues and/or outside tournaments. Participation in these is strictly voluntary and choosing not to participate will not affect the child's position on the competitive team. However, please be aware that each of these venues has different roster requirements and the coach may not be able to invite every player to participate. If you are interested in starting a second team to help ensure all players have the opportunity to play, please contact the appropriate coach. Any Questions: competitive@ewgsoccer.org 
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SEASON info:

Spring Outdoor Soccer - The spring outdoor season of developmental/competitive soccer is mandatory (meaning you cannot join a team just to play tournaments or indoor sessions). 
Practices for spring are 1-2 times a week at the EWG Soccer Complex and there is typically one game held per week for eight weeks with four games being held at the EWG fields (home) and the other four being held at other fields (away) located thru out Rhode Island.

In addition to spring outdoor games and tournaments, coaches may also decide to participate in tournaments during the late fall and winter sessions, additional fees apply.

​U.S. Futsal National Director Bill Sampaio and staff to lead youth player development training sessions in FUTSAL for EWG teams during the winter with the option of additional sessions throughout the year – Age groups / teams TBD.
U.S. Futsal National Director to provide a professional, multi-layered player development curriculum for a 6 week training program for all EWG Competitive Players, with Invitations to National /Regional Tournaments

Winter Indoor Soccer - Typically the coach will choose to enter the team into 1-2 indoor sessions, usually held at Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Kingstown. Indoor is not mandatory, however Futsal playing is recommended. The first session generally starts in October and second session usually starts in January. Each session runs approximately 8-9 weeks long. Practices are held at Wawaloam School, EWG Jr. High, and at the Exeter Job Corp and are usually scheduled 1-2 times each week. Games are once a week when available.

The costs associated with indoor vary by the age group and the number of players on a roster.  The cost is calculated by what the indoor facility charges, divided by the number of players on the roster. World Wide of Sports also require each player to have an ID made for separate fee of approximate $10.00 (subject to change).

Developmental Philosophy

If the player is a U-8 or U-10 player then he or she will be evaluated for a developmental team. The developmental philosophy is as follow: EWGYSA developmental philosophy shall be to provide players the opportunity to develop skills at an elevated level for the purpose of self-improvement and compete against the developmental programs offered through other similar associations. The EWGYSA developmental program shall be: non-result oriented, and 50% playing rule applied to all players, and strong emphasis on player participation at various positions. Such participation will benefit the EWGYSA and increase interest in the game of soccer.

Competitive Philosophy
If the player is a U-11 or above player then he or she will be evaluated for a competitive team. EWGYSA competitive philosophy shall be to bring together the most skilled players of the EWGYSA to compete against the competitive soccer programs offered through other similar associations. Such participation will raise all the participants’ skill levels, the level of play, and also contribute to the success of the School Districts Athletic Program. The EWGYSA Competitive Soccer Program shall endeavor to assemble and train the strongest teams possible for each division to best represent the EWGYSA. It is the objective to strive to win but provide each player playing time, since participants will not improve without playing.

EWG Competitive Soccer

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Program Overview
Fee Breakdown
​Season Info​
Uniforms and Equipment


Players should bring their ball, cleats, shin guards, and water or a sports drink. They should dress in sports attire and appropriate footwear (don’t forget to have them dress for the weather –it can be very cold or very hot during different times throughout the year).
Uniforms - Uniforms will be available for purchase thru the competitive director.
Playing Equipment - *All players must wear proper shin guards to every practice and every game. Hard surfaces of shin guards must be covered with socks.
*No jewelry, metal devices, or hazardous equipment may be worn. (Casts can be allowed if they are padded & the Referee approves them before the game). 
Referees will check to be sure all rules are followed before each game. *Each player should bring water or sports drink to games and practices. Avoid soft drinks or Sugar filled juices. *Each player should have a stitched ball (as opposed to a hard seamless ball) of proper size. Also, look for a stamp that says either “official size & weight” or “FIFA Approved”: U-4, U-5, U-6 & U-8 use a size 3; U-10 and U-12 use a size 4; U14+ use a size 5.


2017-2018 U8-U17 Spring Developmental/Competitive Program Fee: $500 per player

2017-2018 U19 Spring Competitive Program Fee: TBD

What do these fees cover?  

· 20 Training Sessions with NE Revolution Coaches. Trainings will include: ball mastery, foot skills, group nights and goal keeper trainings. These Revolution trainings are in addition to the practice sessions the competitive coach schedules.
· Spring Super Liga Team Fees
· EWGYSA Complex/Field upkeep
· Administrative/Insurance fees
· Bi-yearly Uniform
· G-Form shin guards
· Father’s Day/NK Tournament*
· SRI Cup Games
· U8/U10 SRI Festival
(U8 & U10 teams only)
· Memorial Day/NH Tournament*
· League Soccer Ball

*Tournament fees are for player cost only and do not include food or lodging. 

Evaluations are held in June (see dates listed above). Players must register online and pay a $60.00 registration fee before a player can be considered or evaluated for the developmental/ competitive program. Players in the age groups of U8 through U16 must attend evaluations (try-outs) in order to be considered for a team. If they do not or cannot attend, their name will be put on a wait list. If a child wishes to challenge up to the next age level, they must try out for both the age group they wish to challenge up to as well as the age group that is appropriate for them. During evaluations, each player will be assigned a number and will be rated on various skills and small sided scrimmages. Once the evaluation scores are calculated and the teams have been selected, the coach assigned to the team will contact you and the developmental/ competitive practices will begin. All evaluations are conducted by the Revolution Academy Trainers, parents are allowed to watch the evaluations from the permitted area. Competitive Fees (non Academy) - If assigned to a competitive team at any age group (a NON Academy team), there are fees that need to be paid to cover the costs associated with playing the Spring Super Liga season. The league will be collecting the fees upfront to cover the costs the team incurs during the season. This will make our coaches lives easier, by not having to collect multiple payments during the season for fees that come up and it also allow parents to pay all costs associated with playing the Spring Super Liga season at once or by installment, using credit/debit cards via the Got Soccer web page. Players that are invited to join an academy team will have a different fee schedule that will be provided to them once they are invited.