Expectations and Commitment

Expectations of the Player

  • Players to be respectful to the coach and teammates at all times
  • Players to show commitment to both practice and games
  • Players to come focused to both games and training
  • Players to have full attire for both games and training
  • Players to have a passion for the game and a desire to improve as a player

Expectations of the Parent

  • Parents to refrain from sideline coaching of their or other players while supporting the team in a positive and enthusiastic manner
  • Parents to be respectful of the Zero Tolerance referee  policy
  • 24 hour rule: Parents not to approach the coach with feedback or corrections on game day or at training
  • Parents to ensure players have all the required training attire
  • Parents to inform the coach with at least a days notice if they cannot attend training or a game

Expectations of the Coach

  • Coach to be approachable and personable to all parents and players
  • Coach to look and act professional at all times during training and games
  • Coach to be punctual, organized/prepared for each training session and game
  • Coach to communicate game feedback after each game during the season
  • Coach to always put the development of the player ahead of the score line and team record

Commitment Policies

  • The academy team requires a 100% player commitment as roster spaces are very limited and the demand for them is very high!
  • Practices are mandatory and 24 hour notice is required is a player will not be attending. If a player is not present or is seen as causing a setback to the team’s overall improvement due to lack of attendance, removal from the team can take place. The player will then be slotted into the next available competitive team that has roster space. No refunds will be made.

We have established these guidelines so that players and teams are all treated fairly. It is not fair for a team to have a player or group of players that are only available for a limited number of practices or games. This does not promote teamwork or honor the commitment made to the Academy, Coach, Players, or Parents.



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Mathias Baum, Honor Roll, U11 Academy

Patrick Baum, Honor Roll, U12 Academy

Elijah Beltran, Honor Roll, U11 Academy

Evan Beltran, Honor Roll, U10 Academy

Aiden Conover, Honor Roll, U12 Academy

Wyatt Fesenfeld, Honor Roll, U12 Academy

Brain Garrepy, Honor Roll, U12 Academy

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Noah Santos, Honor Roll, U12 Academy

Aiden Simao, Honor Roll, U11 Academy

Carlson Smith, High Honors, U12 Academy

Garrett Walker, Honor Roll, U13 Academy

Grant Walker, Honor Roll, U11 Academy

Ollie Ide, a player on our U11 Academy team recently qualified for the Junior Olympics in cross country finishing 15th out of 144 in the regionals last year! Congratulate Ollie and wish him luck as he moves on to the national championship in Alabama!

-The Academy coaches,

-Oscar Beltran, Competitive Director

​About the EWG Academy:

EWG Youth Soccer Association is partnering with the New England Revolution to offer Academy teams for the U10 boys, U11 boys, U12 boys, U13 boys and U12 girls teams.  The Academy teams provide EWGYSA residents an opportunity to accelerate their soccer development by training with professional coaches from the New England Revolution Academy.

Participation in an Academy team involves the following commitment for the players:

  • Fall AND Spring seasons, 8 games each, played on Sundays
  • Columbus Day Weekend Tourney
  • Memorial Day Weekend Tourney
  • Preseason training starting in late August for the fall and late February for the spring session
  • Two 90-minute weekly team training sessions
  • Optional skills, shooting/finishing or goalkeeper training offered in the fall, ​winter and spring.

Registration occurs late May to early June yearly.  Academy registration fees include the fall/spring season (8 games each), a fall/spring tournament (3 game minimum), two weekly team practices, and preseason practices. The cost for these activities include: registration fees, field rental, and coaching fees.
A practice shirt, game uniform and practice socks will be provided. The option to purchase additional gear is available.  

For pricing information, please contact our Competitive Director at competitive@ewgsoccer.org.

For non-Academy Competitive Teams, EWGYSA is partnering with the New England Revolution to offer skill development clinics during the fall season, and weekly practice sessions in the Spring.  Head coaches will provide the dates for these team training sessions. 

Exeter-West Greenwich Youth Soccer Association


EWGYSA is excited to announce our partnership with Adidas to outfit our Academy players!

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​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of coaching will my child experience?
A:  EWGYSA has partnered with the New England Revolution Academy to assign coaches to each Academy team.  The Revolution provide professional coaches that focus on player development.  They follow an age appropriate training program to develop technical (individual) and tactical (team) skills.  The training program was created and is maintained by the Revolution Academy.

Q: What is the travel commitment?
A:  All home games (4 per season) and practices (team, skills, preseason) will be held at the EWG Soccer Complex in West Greenwich, RI.  Away games (4 per season) are played within RI.  Travel time to Tournaments will vary.

Q: What is the team size and expected playing time?
A:  Roster sizes will be larger in 2017-2018, due to changes mandated by US Soccer. U9/U10 will play 7v7, U11/U12 will play 9v9. Final roster sizes will be determined by the player tryouts and team needs.  Players can expect to have roughly equal playing time and opportunities to play multiple positions in each game.  If the team does not have a dedicated goalkeeper all players are expected to play goalie during the season. Typically a player will be asked to play goalie for a half.

Q: Do the teams have dedicated goalkeepers?
A:  Players may try out to be a dedicated goal keeper.  Goalkeepers are selected based upon the tryouts, similar to field players.  If nobody is selected for goalkeeper, all players on the team will share goalkeeping duties during the season.

Q: My child would like to try out for the Academy, but plays another sport in the Spring.  Would they be able to play on the Academy as well?
A: Participating in the EWG Academy is a significant commitment.  Due to the amount of interest it is not fair for players to skip practice to attend other interests. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  Abundant missed practices and games can lead to removal from the team.

Q: Who is eligible and what feedback can players expect?
A:  All EWGYSA players are eligible to tryout for the Academy.  Players that are selected for the team will receive a written assessment after the fall season.  Coaches will also provide written commentary highlighting a player’s strengths and areas for development.

Q: What does the program cost include?
A:  The cost for the EWG Academy team includes both the fall and spring seasons (8 games each), a fall and spring tournament (minimum of 3 games each), two weekly team practices, six skills sessions per season and preseason practices, uniforms, practice uniforms, soccer ball,  and soccer bag.  The cost also includes coaching fees, registration fees and field costs. (Due to IRS regulations, referee fees are not included for any of our competitive teams)

Q. What training is available for non-Academy Competitive Teams?
A: For non-Academy Competitive teams, EWGYSA, in partnership with the New England Revolution, will be offering skill development clinics during the fall season, and weekly practice sessions during the Spring Competitive season.  

Q: What equipment is required?
A: Appropriate soccer attire, shin guards, cleats, plenty of water and most importantly a positive attitude.

Q: Is financial assistance available?
A:  Requests for financial assistance will be considered on a case by case basis; volunteer roles required for those who are selected for limited financial assistance.

Q:  Why should we choose the EWG Soccer Academy for our child?
A:  The Academy is for the aspiring youth soccer player that: 

  • Commits to playing both the fall and spring seasons
  • Desires to play for a community based organization with fellow EWGYSA residents
  • Wants to learn from professional coaches to develop as a player and teammate
  • Respects the quality coaching/training provided by the NE Revolution Academy and their staff
  • Appreciates the limited travel and affordability of the Academy

Q: When will the tryout results be known?
A: Tryouts will be held in early June, at the EWG Soccer Complex.  Results will be known by the first week of July so the placements can be made.

Q: If my child is not selected for an academy team or chooses to play travel soccer will s/he still have opportunities to get professional coaching?
A:  Absolutely.  EWGYSA has partnered with the NE Revolution Academy to provide professional training experiences to all EWGYSA players.  Players in 2nd grade and up can attend Age Group practices or Skills Academy sessions.  Age Group practices are provided for all travel teams.  It is an opportunity for coaches and players to experience a team based professional training session.  Skills Sessions are optional with a focus on developing a player’s individual skills including first touch, ball control, dribbling and a variety of 1v1 soccer moves.  All sessions are led by NE Revolution Academy coaches.

Q: Is the “Academy” meant to replace the top travel team in these age groups?
A: The Academy team provides an opportunity for those players who have a strong passion for soccer, wish to play both fall and spring seasons, and would like access to professional coaching.  The intent is to offer EWGYSA residents an affordable program with limited travel to continue player development.  

Q: Will parents be able to meet the coach(es) who will be training the team?
A: The coach will be at the Parents Meeting and the try-outs.

Q: Why can’t my child play on a club soccer team if they make the academy team?
A:  We are following the recommendations by US Soccer and the Revs Academy programs.  US Soccer recommends kids at this age group train for no more than 3 days a week and participate in 1 game a week. Kids extending these limits are at a significant risk of injury, particularly girls and knee injuries.  For this reason as well as the significant time commitment required to participate on an Academy team, players would have to choose either a club team or the EWG Soccer Academy team.

Q: What are my child’s options if they play rec soccer?
A:  Kids who opt to participate in rec soccer are still welcome to play on an EWG travel team (u-8 and above).  They will be placed on an appropriate level team as determined by the coaches evaluations and coaches meeting.